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A Uniquely Flexible Service

Here at Coast2Coast we offer a service unlike any other in Cornwall

Following 2020 we had a complete change to the company and after 13 years of running have scaled back to how we started out and are taking on one wedding a week.

This enables us with our vast experiece in the wedding undustry to offer an unrivaled level of customer service and satisfaction while operating with a small highly trained core of staff to ensure all our builds are finished to the highest of standard .

We have been down the road of churning out generic marquees as most other companies so have a huge ammount of stock to call on ensuring a flexibility no other firm can offer and we now have time to help with your finishing touches to the marquee to put your stamp on your marquee with hanging items etc.

It also means in these uncertain times that should you decide to go bigger or smaller with your marquee nearer the time or if you decide an upgrade to our raised timber flooring is going to really give your marquee the finish you want we will have it in stock and be able to provide what you need you are essentially booking us with a flexible booking of your marquee.

Our wedding packages are still the original and best value in the South west or if you would like a tailored quote just click the "your enquiry" link below.


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